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Uncoated Papers Will Pick Up Spots

December 19, 2012

Digital Image See the little spots on this paper? I installed this paper a few years ago, in a young girl’s bathroom. No matter how careful you are, and especially in a bathroom, and especially with kids, SOMEthing is going to get on the wallpaper. Soap, hairspray, shampoo, toothpaste, not to mention all the stuff flying around in a kitchen!

I don’t like solid vinyl wallcoverings (tacky looking, prone to curling in humid rooms), but a light vinyl COATING will help protect the surface a bit. (These days you’re more likely to find acrylic coatings.)

The paper in the photo is a high-end screen print, and these manufacturers want their beautiful matt finish inks to show, so rarely seal the paper with a coating. Even if they did, certain materials are always going to stain paper, if they come in contact.