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Stir Stick Stands Up in Primer

March 7, 2023
You’ve heard of Cajun coffee being so strong that a spoon will stand up in it?  Well, same thing’s happening with my latest batch of wallpaper primer !   My preferred Roman Pro 977 Ultra Prime seems to be performing nicely, though, so I’m not worried.  One nice side benefit is that it is so thick that it’s not splattering at all when rolled onto the wall . 
BTW, the fabric around the cans is to catch drips – the plasticized labels used by this factory don’t absorb drips like most paper labels do, so I came up with using absorbent “collars.”   They’re cut from the sleeves of men’s T-shirts, babies’ headbands, or babies’ underpants, all for pennies at the thrift store. 

Just A Whisper Of Color And Texture

August 30, 2022
Dining room in the Oak Forest area of Houston, before. All white and crisp – but bland .
Here with just a touch of color and texture . The homeowner took my suggestion to use an embossed vinyl faux grasscloth product, which is very consistent in color .
The problem with real grasscloth is that so very often there are disappointing color variations between strips , even if they come off the same roll . We call this shading and paneling . Do a search here to see previous posts about this.
Note that with both materials you will see the seams. With this faux material, once you got 3′ away, you can’t see the seams at all.
The paper along the top of the wainscoting chair rail is to prevent my wallpaper primer from splattering onto the molding . I do the same for baseboards and bathroom backsplash es .
Opposite corner done.
Close-up showing the realistic texture of the vinyl product .
This is by Designer Wallpapers and was purchased from the Sherwin-Williams in the Rice Village , by Dorota , who has been selling wallpaper for 25+ years and is THE expert on helping you select your perfect pattern .