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Closed Vehicle + Houston Heat & Humidity = Spoiled Paste

July 19, 2012

Mold or Mildew Have Grown in Paste Bucket

Once a bucket of paste is open, it’s subject to contamination by something in the air, the paste brush, etc. Add a little heat and moisture, and it can grow like crazy. A living thing, mold / mildew will continue to grow, even under wallpaper, creating a stain that shows on the surface. Powdery mildew can reproduce, causing the paper to come loose from the wall.

This happened quickly – I had used this bucket of paste just a week or two ago, and it was fine.

This $50 bucket of paste was still more than half-full, but I could not use it. Too much risk that the organism would continue to grow, ruining the new wallpaper.

I made a mad dash to the store (4 stores, actually, before I found one who carried this particular “non-staining, clear” paste, Shur-Stik Dynamite C-11, made for grasscloth), and got a fresh bucket.

Got three of the four walls done in the dining room, and they look fabulous. I’ll finish tomorrow.

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