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Fading on Stringcloth Wallpaper

November 11, 2019

The circle on the right is where I removed the towel ring. On the left is where I removed the switchplate cover. You can see that the stringcloth that was exposed to light has faded a bit over the years it has been in this powder room.

Another interesting thing is the amount of dust that has collected inside the switchplate cover. This is because of air suction inside the wall – probably due to a leak in the ductwork somewhere.

A Screw Loose

January 28, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageI have an Internet paperhanger friend who insists that all the slots in the switchplate screws must be vertical. This seems more than a little obsessive, to me.

But today I tried it, and, I have to admit, it looks good. With the slots vertical, they parallel the vertical grooves in the outlet.