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What’s Wrong With This Picture? My Table is Sacred!!

August 17, 2021

“Someone” (a.k.a. the homeowner) went and set something on my work table.

Folks, I can set things on my table. NO ONE ELSE can!!

Not even an innocent glass of water!

For one thing, it’s my work area, and I have all my needed tools and measurements and thought processes there. Outside items disrupt my thought process and the flow of installation.

But most important … the table has to stay CLEAN. As in PRISTINE. Any speck of grease, or ink, or oil or dirt can leave a stain that will transfer to the wallpaper. Sharp objects can cut it, and other objects can dent or scratch it.

My clients spend a lot of money for their wallpaper. Their investment shouldn’t be permanently marred because some electrician decided to dispose of his scratchy, sweat-stained wire clippings, or the wrapper from his hamburger, on the nearest surface – my work table.

The absolute worst was a homeowner himself, who walked by and casually set down a bowl from the backyard, full of GREASY CANNED DOG FOOD.

My Work Table On Client’s Dining Table

December 15, 2020

My folding work table and trestle legs take up a space about 5′ x 8.’ Usually there is space for me to set it up somewhere near where I am working.

But sometimes it works better for me to use the homeowner’s dining room table.

With their permission, I place a padded moving blanket over the table, spread dropcloths around and under, and put my table (a set of three boards) on top.

All ready now to hang wallpaper!

Surprise Guest

December 31, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

I turn around to hang a strip of wallpaper, and look who pops up on my work table!

Here Is How Wallpaper Gets Pasted

January 18, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

I lay the wallpaper out on my table, and apply paste to the back with a paint roller. It’s fast, even, and easy to control. The bucket of paste is on the table just for the photo – usually, it’s on the floor to my left. And believe me, when that bucket is full, it’s nearly 50lbs and no way would my table or trestles support that!

Many of my friends keep their rollers in their bucket of paste. Some of them leave it in the bucket overnight. My mind can’t wrap around that, and I sure don’t want paste getting all over the metal part of the roller cage or the wooden handle. And I can’t imagine not washing your tools at the end of the work day.

Instead, I keep a damp cloth on the edge of my table, to keep paste from getting onto the table, and I hang my roller neatly on the table. (Second photo) It’s handy and clean.

Yes, Virginia, the Electrician IS in My Way

November 11, 2015

Digital Image

Digital Image

I guess people think that, if they’ve got one workman in the house, they may as well have them all come, and get everything done at the same time. The thing is, it’s really hard to work with all these trades on top of one another. I didn’t know the electrician was going to be hanging a chandelier in the same room where I was working, or I would have set up my table in another location.

You see, he is in my way. We’re both trying to walk around the room, and running into each other. He is working almost directly over my table, sawing a hole in the ceiling, and getting debris on my table, and, if I happen to be pasting a strip of wallpaper, that puts little bumps stuck in the paste that show under the new wallpaper. People also tend to set things on my table. That get in the way and put stains on the wallpaper.

“If your table is in his way, we’ll just move it a little,” said the homeowner. Oh no you WON’T touch my table! First and foremost, you just simply do not ever touch another workman’s tools or equipment. Second, that wallpaper table has to stay pristinely clean, and I know for a fact that his hands are not. Third, the table is made of three boards that come apart, which you are not anticipating, and there is also an expensive straight edge suspended underneath that you are not aware of that will fall to the floor and get banged up and ruined.

Oh, yeah – and he turned off the lights in the room, too. Now, how am I going to hang wallpaper in the dark? ?? ???

The electrician didn’t bother to put a drop cloth under his ladder. And in the second photo you see how he left the homeowner’s floor.

Now, would you let a guy like that put grubby his hands on your clean, expensive, intricately-set up equipment??

Keepin’ It Clean with Tape

July 15, 2014

Digital ImageHere’s a shot of my new basswood wallpaper table. I measure, trim, and paste wallpaper on it. But it’s important to keep it clean, and I don’t want paste getting on the table.

So I let the paper hang over the edge of the table just a hair, allowing me to roll paste all the way to the edges of the paper. Just in case something slips and a little paste does get on the table, having this strip of blue painter’s tape along the edge keeps the paste from soaking into the wood, and it is easy to wipe paste off the tape.