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Textured Wallpaper & Lighting – Candice Olson

January 29, 2013

On HGTV today, interior designer Candice Olson and had a wall papered with a nice geometric pattern, very trendy right now, and it certainly enhanced the room’s look.

However, she wanted a certain look from the textured paper.  I mean, the whole point of using a textured pattern was to get the LOOK and FEEL of the texture.  But, even though the pattern was raised above the background, on the wall the paper looked flat.

So Candice realized that what was needed to bring out the textured effect was proper lighting.  This means lighting not from the front, but from the side, so the raised areas of the wallpaper would cast shadows.

She brought in some lighting, mighty snazzy fixtures, to be sure, and got the look she was after.

Cushy Paper, Sharp Claws, and Bored Cats

November 13, 2011

This week I did a repair job for my veterinarian – the Cat Doctor in Houston. (Dr. Oeben is GREAT, by the way!

It seems that they had a “resident cat” – the one who lives in the clinic and is occasionally called upon to donate blood, etc., in addition to greeting people at the door and keeping the adoptable kittens in line.

The clinic staff had been in the habit of letting this cat out of his stainless steel cage from time to time, and enclosing him in a hallway, which had doors opening into two other small rooms, the ladie’s and the men’s bathrooms. This worked well for many years, and the cat loved having all the extra space to move around in and play in.

Well, one day not too long ago, he must have gotten bored, or maybe he just got a bee in his bonnet. He started swatting at the walls, and discovered that the cushy feel of the textured paper (similar to that I talked about in my November 4, 2011 post) was delightful beneath his claws.

He spent the next several hours clawing at the wallpaper, getting the thick foamy stuff under his claws, tearing bits from the wall and scratching others, and in general having a heck of a fun time – way more fun than shredding a roll of toilet paper! One rip was over the bathroom door – more than seven feet off the ground. It was clear that he had actually climbed up the wall, by grabbing the wallpaper with his claws.

To fix this mess, I replaced one piece that had been completely torn from the wall, suing the “double cut” method to splice in a new piece. For the rest of the damage, I used water based paint and clear adhesive caulk. The finished product looked pretty darned good, and the vet and her staff were pleased.

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