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Wallpaper and Scrolly Jewelry

December 4, 2012

OK, so prepping walls and hanging paper, I can get pretty grungy by the end of the day. My usual outfit is shorts and a T-shirt.

But, gee, the Wallpaper Lady wants to look a LITTLE girly. Check out one of the new earrings I got at the Renaissance Festival this year. Big enough to see, but small enough to keep out of the way, pretty, but plain enough to work with shorts and a T-shirt.

So the other day I was putting on a hairband (seen at left), to keep the blonde mop out of my eyes, and – TUG TUG TUG!! The thin hairband had gotten itself looped around the swirl of one of my new earrings. It was in there tight, too! What happened in a split second sure got securely tangled. I had to take both of them off, to get them unscrambled.

Want to see what the Wallpaper Lady looks like?

August 1, 2012

Here I am, putting grasscloth on the back of bookshelves.

How I Got My Name

March 30, 2010

Way back when I was starting up my business, I attended a seminar given by SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives). During the segment about choosing a name for your business, one thing them emphasized strongly was to pick a name that would be easy for people to think of and remember.

My business name, The Wallpaper Lady, fills that bill perfectly!

But I can’t take credit for that clever and valuable name. To be honest, it was my clients’ children who gave me that name.

You see, often when I would arrive for work, if the kids beat the parents to answer the door, They’d take one look at me, turn toward the inside of the house, and holler, “Mommmm! The Waaaallpaper Lady is here!!”

I heard that so many times, I got used to being thought of as “the wallpaper lady.” And soon I snapped to the idea that it would be the perfect name for my business.

The words “wallpaper” quickly state what I do, it tells clients that the work will be done by a woman (important for many of my female clients), and it’s catchy and easy to remember.

I registered it with Harris County (Texas) and have been using it ever since!