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Tight Geometric Expands a Small Bathroom

August 13, 2015
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Here is a small geometric pattern in a honeycomb sort of style. I hung this in the bathroom of a school-aged boy in a 1940 home in River Oaks – where just about every single other thing was white.

Navy blue can be considered a neutral color, so it adds color and personality, without overwhelming the home’s calm theme, like red or green or yellow would.

The interior designer for this job is Elizabeth Mann, and the wallpaper is a paper-backed vinyl (scrubble, which is great for a home with young kids!), by Thibaut Designs.

Gingko Leaves in a Powder Room

November 27, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageHere are some before-and-afters of the wallpaper I hung today, in a powder room in West University Place. It was a gold metallic on a grey background, elegant but not stuffy, updated but not too trendy, so it will stay stylish for many years.

The homeowner, a mother with three young children, mostly likes the dark color, which she hopes will hide her kiddies’ finger prints!

This is # 839-T-721 by Thibaut Designs. It’s the first paper on a non-woven substrate that I’ve encountered from Thibaut. It was very thick and stiff, and I found it somewhat contrary to work with, not wanting to conform to corners or turns, and not malleable like patterns printed on paper substrates. Nonetheless, the walls were flat and I didn’t have any intricate cuts to do, and it went up nicely. The clients loved it.

Dings in the Edges of Heavy Vinyl

June 24, 2013

Digital ImageIf you look closely, you can see small “dings” in the edges of this heavy vinyl faux grasscloth with a woven fabric backing. Look at the points of the scissors and pencil. These dings were caused during shipping. They look slight, but, with this particular material, it’s unlikely they will pull flat against the wall as the paste dries. So a little bitty “blip” will show along the seams.

So I am trimming a little off the edge of the paper, to create a new edge that is free of “dings.” This paper has not pattern match, so the lost inch along the edge will not be noticeable.

This is Thibaut Designs wallpaper pattern #839-&-6815