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Flaw of the Day – Dark Blue Dot

May 8, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageThis wallpaper, by Thibony, had a small dark blue dot on the back side. If you look carefully right the point of the red tool in the second photo, you can see that it does show through on the front side.

In this case, we had enough paper that I was able to cut around this defect and still have enough to finish the room. If not, I think it might have been OK to go ahead and use this piece, as the spot is not very noticeable and it could hopefully be potted to fall in an unnoticeable place. Also, I feel this is not something that would bleed through and get larger over time. Some materials that stain wallpaper WILL become problematic down the road. Best to cut around and discard defective paper – and it’s always best to order a little more than you think you will need.