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Swirly “Priano” Wakes Up a Tiny Powder Room

August 4, 2018

Here is a tiny powder room squeezed under the stairs in a nicely updated large home in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston. The homeowner wanted the powder room to match the feel of the more modern rest of the house – while coordinating with the dark blue tile floor. This swirly leaf pattern does all of that – and it visually pushes the walls away, while adding fun movement to the tiny room.

I don’t usually like wallpaper on ceilings, because I think it crunches the ceiling down on you. But here in this diminutive powder room, I think that papering the ceiling was the best design option. When a ceiling is papered, only one corner where the wall meets the ceiling can have the pattern matched (see top photo), and the rest will result in a mis-match. So it’s preferable to find a wild pattern like this, where any design mis-match in the corners will hardly be noticeable.

This room was particularly tricky, because the bottom-side-of-the-stairs ceiling came down not only at a slope, but at an angle. You can kind of see this in the fourth photo. The third shot shows the ceiling in the process of being hung.

“Priano” is a popular wallpaper pattern by Serena & Lily. Their papers are always a joy to work with, and they have cute patterns, too!

What’s extra cool is that I hung this pattern a few months ago, and the homeowner ended up with twice as much paper as she needed. (The old single roll / double roll conundrum. A good reason to always check with me before ordering your paper.) I was able to hook the two gals up, and some of the excess paper was sold to the new client, quick and easy.

Sometimes It’s Not the Paper – It’s the Overall Effect

October 31, 2014

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image
I have to admit, when I first saw this paper rolled up in the package, I wasn’t excited about it. But as I began hanging the paper, I began to like it more and more. I realized that, in some rooms, it’s not the PATTERN that is important, but the way the wallpaper pattern and color fit into the OVERALL EFFECT of the room.

This wallpaper design is by Candice Olson for York Wallcoverings, and was purchased at Sherwin Williams on University in the Rice Village. It’s on a non-woven substrate, and should hold up very well over the years, and then, when time to redecorate, it is made to strip off the wall easily. I hung it in a large powder room in Bellaire. It replaced a very plain dark charcoal paper, and, boy, did it brighten it up!

The whole room was redone, including new tile floor, new vanity and natural stone countertop (the water spots will disappear as it dries, by the way, and they will have countertop sealed to prevent future spotting, and the caulk at the outer edges of the backsplash will dry clear), shiny chrome faucet and towel bars, and a cool modern style chrome light fixture.