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Twice In a Week – Addendum to My Post Two Days Ago

May 29, 2015
Digital Image

Digital Image

Tuesday, I couldn’t finish my job, because painters were in the area where I was to work. (See my post of May 27, 2015.) Today I run into the same thing, but with electricians.

In the foreground in the photo, you see my tool box (with rags on top of it), and I have set my roller tray on it, preparing to start rolling wallpaper primer onto the walls. Look again and you see that the electrician has dumped his trash (cardboard and a light bulb) into my clean roller tray.

To the right of that is the box to the new fan I just spent $70 on. On top of that, the electrician has set his box of light fixtures. I can’t get my fan, I can’t get to my tool box, and I can’t prime walls. Even if I could access my equipment (and hopefully it’s still clean), I can’t move around the room because there are two guys pulling electrical outlets, turning the lights on and off, cutting holes in the ceiling for can lights (raining dust and Sheetrock debris onto the floor), and standing in my way.

Oh, and they set stuff on my ladder, too.

All this ate up at least two hours of my morning.