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An Airy, Lacy Medallion Brightens a Master Bathroom

December 16, 2018

The previous homeowner had done this torn-paper application herself. It was artsy and nicely done – and definitely colorful. But the new lady of the house wanted a more serene space. She chose this open medallion pattern, in gold on white. Boy, what a transition!

What’s cool is this bathroom has a deep soaking tub, with a large window that looks out into a private courtyard. Now the room is a peaceful place to enjoy an hour in the tub.

The wallpaper is by Regency, and is a thick, stiff non-woven material. There are special tricks to working with this stuff. For more flexibility, I pasted the material, and did not paste the wall.

The home is off Eldridge Parkway in west Houston, and was damaged by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

Stoney Brook Layered Wallpaper – a Unique and Elegant Look

January 19, 2014

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageOK, some really bad photos, that don’t do justice to the wall treatment. But what can you say about a $20 camera bought at CVS? 🙂

Stoney Brook makes a very unique wallcovering that comes in pieces, not strips or rolls. The pieces are custom-colored in your choice of pattern, and are overlapped on the wall, and the shape of the piece beneath it shows through when the paper dries and shrinks.

Often you see torn pieces, but this homeowner chose blocks of different sizes. Once the room is finished, the walls look like polished marble. While the torn paper version is rugged and rustic, I find the blocks to be quite elegant.

This went in a powder room in Kingwood, and the homeowner loved it. I can guarantee you that NO ONE else in Kingwood has a bathroom like this!