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Waste from One Day’s Job

July 7, 2020

People often don’t realize that you can’t use every square foot of paper that the label claims to include. Much paper is lost to ‘waste.’

Today, I hung a 14-single roll breakfast room with three large windows.

This is a picture of all the wallpaper that was cut off and thrown into the trash, in order to match the pattern, turn corners, and etc.

The large roll on the floor, and the one behind it, are both rolled tightly and are larger than they appear in the photo. LOTS of paper that ends up being unusable.

Always consult the paperhanger for accurate measurements, before ordering your paper.

Saving on Trash Bags

June 28, 2019

I like to see if I’m able to get by without using a trash bag. Most days I win this little game!

I am usually able to roll trash up in the scraps from the job. See photo. Then I haul it home and put in the trash or recycling, depending on what the material is made of.