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Disguising a Mis-Match Under a Fur-Down (Soffit)

May 7, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageOverhanging fur-downs, or soffits, can cause a conundrum when two of them meet in a corner. In this case, the fur-down was particularly deep (almost 2′), and difficult to reach. The wallpaper pattern coming along on the face (vertical surface) from the right has to match the pattern on to the left. But this means that, as the paper is folded under the fur-down, the pattern goes off in two different directions, and will not match where the two strips meet.

Sometimes this is handled by splicing the two pieces together, drawing a line from one corner to the other. This is neat and flat, but it leaves a very obvious mis-match, and the double-cutting (splicing) required can weaken the wall surface underneath, opening the potential for the wall to break open and the paper to curl.

So, in today’s case, I did something different. I overlapped the pieces of wallpaper a little. There is a visible ridge, but it’s way up high in a somewhat hidden location, and, when the paper is dry, everything pulls flatter and less noticeable. But you can see the mis-matched pattern.

To minimize this, I took some scrap wallpaper and carefully cut out part of the trellis pattern. I lined it up with the trellis pattern on the underside of the fur-down, and Рvoilà! The pattern mis-match still exists, but, because the lines of the pattern are intact, the eye tends to skip right over it.

As the paper dries, the ridge will become less noticeable, and the top layer of wallpaper will become more opaque, hiding the shadow of the pattern underneath.

Glowing Drain Pipe

July 21, 2013

Digital ImageYou are looking from above at the drain in the bottom of a bathtub.

This 1910 bungalow in the Heights is set on piers 18″ or so off the ground. What you see is sun light reaching under the house and illuminating the white PVC drain pipe.

It positively glowed.

This was in a hall bathroom where I hung a trellis patterned wallpaper.

Geometric Pattern Right Side Up & Sideways

February 14, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageI know that many readers of my blog love these geometric wallpaper patterns. They’re really hot right now. I have done them in both bold colors like this, and in tamer colors, such as last week’s tone-on-tone trellis.

This was installed in the hall bath in the home of interior designer Jak Kesterson, of Houston, Texas. Jak is a hoot, with a big personality and daring taste in decorating, as you can see. Much of the furniture in his living room is HOT PINK!

In the adjoining potty room, he had me hang a 5″ wide black & white stripe, by York. He positively loved the way the two rooms worked together.

What’s extra cool about this sink room done in the trellis pattern, is the way he had me railroad (run horizontally) the paper in the recessed area. This was formerly a linen closet. Now, with the shelves removed, it will be a showcase for a special piece of artwork.

I am particularly pleased that, in this older townhome with crooked walls and trapazoid-shaped areas over the doors, the geometric pattern still came out nice and straight. And even in the art niche, as you can see, it centered perfectly in the niche, with the ovals ending at each side of the wall perfectly intact.

Running the pattern horizontally in the niche yielded more benefits than just looking cool. You see, as you hang paper around the room, hang one side of the niche, then over the top, then the opposite inside wall, you can match all of those pieces to each other, keeping the pattern correctly matched. But the back of the niche can only be matched on one side. right or left. It’s kinda hard to explain, but if you study the photos, you will see how, after wrapping paper around the two side walls, there will be a mismatch at one end when the back wall is papered.

This railroaded treatment eliminated that. Plus, it just looks GREAT!

And what’s extra cool is, unless you really stop and study it, you don’t even really notice that the paper in the niche is running perpendicular to the paper on the walls.

The pattern is by Designer’s Guild #537/03.¬† I call it “Pills & Capsules.”

Metal Marks on Wallpaper

December 16, 2012

Digital ImageSee that little grey mark? That was most probably made by my stainless steel straight edge sliding across the paper. Even when you’re very careful, some papers will do this. But not to worry – in virtually all cases, the marks disappear when rubbed with a damp cloth.

I understand that titanium tools won’t do this.

Hmmm. I wonder what avenue a paperhanger should take?,,,, Buy readily available tools and keep prices low? Or invest in upper-end equipment and have to pass the cost on to the customers?

I’ll bet that when homeowners are considering the price a professional charges for wallpaper installation, they have no clue the dollar value of tools and materials in the back of that truck!

The trellis pattern in Schumacher #5005143