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Modern Style of Baseboard

March 6, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

You are looking at the bottom of a wall papered with a peacock pattern by Cole & Son, where it meets the baseboard, which is painted bright turquoise. The wall is designed to look like it is “floating” above the baseboard, and they achieve this by leaving a 1/4″ gap between them. You find this in homes going for a sleek, crisp, modern look.

This requires a slightly different trimming technique when I get to the bottom of the wall.

Trimming Grasscloth at the Ceiling

February 17, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

Have you ever wondered how wallpaper gets trimmed?

Here I am, using my trim guild to hold a strip of grasscloth tight against the joint between the wall and ceiling, and using a razor knife to trim off the excess.

Hits & Misses – Gaps & Overlaps

October 12, 2015
Digital Image

Digital Image

You have to click the image to see it enlarged, to see the seam I am talking about.  Also, the bumps are from paste, and will disappear as it dries.

This is a nice brand of wallpaper (Ecochic by Wallquest). But there are issues with factory trimming the manufacturer should rectify … Obviously, the edges of the paper have not been cut absolutely straight, because you can see areas where the seam butts together perfectly, and then you see small gaps, and then you see sections that minutely overlap. We call these “gaps and overlaps,” or “hit and miss” seams. Even though this particular paper was quite pliable, no matter how I manipulated or worked the seams, I could not achieve absolutely perfect seams.

The good news is that, from a couple of feet away from the wall, you don’t notice any of this, and the overall look is perfectly fine.