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British Tub Paste – Live and In the Flesh!

December 10, 2012

Digital ImageDigital Image My Internet paperhanger buddies and I have had long discussions about the “tub paste” called for in the instructions that come with British papers. We have no clue what the stuff is, where to get it, or if there is a comparable product available here in the U.S., and we’ve had p-poor luck getting the manufacturers to answer our questions. It’s an important topic, because British papers are made of different materials from American / Canadian, and have been known to stain (look wet in some areas) with certain pastes. One Facebook post on this subject went on for over 300 comments!

Well, today I hung a British paper by Cole & Son and – guess what? The homeowner is British, and had read the manufacturer’s admonitions about using the correct paste, so she went to the trouble and expense to have the company’s own brand paste shipped over here.

It was quite exciting to finally have a bucket of “tub paste” in my hands, and to be able to share photos with my wallpaper buddies. I liked the paste. It worked nicely, spread easily and evenly, wiped off the ceiling and woodwork cleanly, and held well. I would have preferred a little more slip (the ability to slide the paper around on the wall), but that was minor.

The job turned out great. I’ll post pics soon.