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Subtly Dramatic Backdrop for a Display of Crosses

May 21, 2013

Cross Niche“Cross walls” have been popular for quite a few years. Homeowners will take a number of crosses of varying sizes, shapes, materials, etc., and display them en masse on a prominent wall. It’s a wonderful way to show off beautiful items, as well as express one’s religious faith.

Here’s a twist on the theme: This homeowner had an art niche near the entrance of her home, and had her cross collection hung inside. Working with an interior designer, she chose a silver metallic cork wallpaper that had gold metallic accents, to serve as a backdrop for the crosses.

My job was to smooth out the builder’s textured wall in the back of the niche, and then hang the cork material, fitting it to the back of the niche and trimming around the arched top.

Then the homeowner and designer set about arranging the crosses to display them to their best advantage. Set against the silvery background, the crosses stand out brilliantly. Plus, the “precious metal” look of the silver material is a fitting accompaniant to the treasured religious symbols.

The interior designer is Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs.