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Lights Out, And I’ve Got To Work…Big Larry To The Rescue!

October 12, 2017

Digital Image

Digital Image

This week I’m hanging wallpaper in a large living room near Pasadena (Houston). There is no overhead light in the room, nor any air vent or other fixture that I can hang an extension cord and work light from.

I’ve been able to get by with three light bulb sockets I’ve plugged into the wall outlets, along with the sun light coming through two large windows. But as the sun went down this evening, I didn’t have enough light over my table to see what I was pasting.

Big Larry to the rescue! This is a compact yet very bright LED flashlight that will stand on end. It provided just enough light for me to paste the strips of wallpaper.

In addition, Big Larry has a high beam and a low beam, plus a flashing red light. He has a magnet on the base and fits easily in my toolbox. He is about $20 at Southwestern Paint in Houston. He even has a little brother, Little Larry, for about half the price, and half the light.

And, psssst… either one makes a nice gift. 🙂