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Banged Edges – Trimming Them Off to Make the Paper Useable

September 22, 2012

Designer Wallpaper AB 70702

Yes, once again, the warehouse failed to wrap and protect the ends of the rolls of wallpaper, UPS had fun tossing the package around, and the result was banged edges. Yes, these can show and look bad on the wall.

This pattern did have a match, meaning that the pattern on the left side of a strip continued onto the right side of the next strip. But with this mottley pattern, especially on short strips over the doors and soffets, a slight mis-match was not noticeable.

So what I did was to take my straight edge and a sharp razor and trim 1/4″ or so off the end of the strip, to get rid of the bashed areas. When this cut edge was placed against the next strip, the pattern matched pretty darned well.

I only trimmed off the right side of the paper. If I had trimmed off both the right and left sides of the strips, then more of the pattern would have been removed, and the mismatch would have been more noticeable.

The finished bathroom looked great!

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Pretty Entry Today

August 24, 2012

Schumacher #5004122. Nice stylized nature pattern in light colors, with white furnishings accented by lime green – this really brightened up the entry in this 1950’s ranch style home.


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Closed Vehicle + Houston Heat & Humidity = Spoiled Paste

July 19, 2012

Mold or Mildew Have Grown in Paste Bucket

Once a bucket of paste is open, it’s subject to contamination by something in the air, the paste brush, etc. Add a little heat and moisture, and it can grow like crazy. A living thing, mold / mildew will continue to grow, even under wallpaper, creating a stain that shows on the surface. Powdery mildew can reproduce, causing the paper to come loose from the wall.

This happened quickly – I had used this bucket of paste just a week or two ago, and it was fine.

This $50 bucket of paste was still more than half-full, but I could not use it. Too much risk that the organism would continue to grow, ruining the new wallpaper.

I made a mad dash to the store (4 stores, actually, before I found one who carried this particular “non-staining, clear” paste, Shur-Stik Dynamite C-11, made for grasscloth), and got a fresh bucket.

Got three of the four walls done in the dining room, and they look fabulous. I’ll finish tomorrow.

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Cute Retro Kitchen with Vintage Wallpaper

July 18, 2012

Like I said in my last post, I LOVE retro and vintage!

Check out this cute retro kitchen. Note the use of old wallpaper next to the book shelf (photo #3) and in the breakfast nook.

A clever way to get maximum use of the wallpaper, without spending a fortune. (I know of two sites that sell these original oldies, and the prices are high, while available quantities are usually low.)

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Commerce Coincidence

June 26, 2012

A wallpaper hanger buddy of mine (Don Dye), did a job a month or so ago in a loft-style townhome on Commerce Street in a developing area a bit east of downtown.

Don had transported some tape and materials for me, so I drove over to his work site to pick them up. This also gave me a chance to spy on my buddy and his job – which involved a 2-story wall over a fireplace. It’s always fun seeing how someone else works, his techniques, tools, materials, etc.

Well, last week I got a call to come look at a job in a new townhome a little east of downtown …. on Commerce Street. When I got there yesterday to do the bid, it turned out to be just one townhome complex away from where Don’s job was.

Small world!

Nice people, too, BTW, with some cool decorating ideas and innovative colors and patterns. It will be fun working on that job!





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It’s a Small World, Again Today

June 15, 2012

I was driving to a friend’s house, and a few doors away, out at her truck, was a lady painter friend of mine, Noel Gregory (a.k.a. Gregory), whom I had not seen in several years. Oddly, one other time I ran into her, I was driving and she was getting something out of her truck. 🙂

Anyway, it turns out that she knows my friend on that block, and they had even shared pet sitting duties for a neighbor. We had a nice few minutes chatting and catching up.

Then my friend and I were walking across the street to look at some neighbors’ new landscaping, and the neighbor lady saw me and exclaimed, “Oh, I read your blog. In fact, I found Gregory by reading your blog.” So, she knows this lady painter, too, and hired her because of reading my recommendation on my blog.

Just too small of a world!!

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Arrrrggggh! But Luckily, I Was Still On the Scene

May 26, 2012

Yesterday I did a very tedious 10-hour installation of Mexican Lotteria tickets – colorful and fun, but on very flimsy paper, and difficult to work with the paper and in the powder room, which was tiny and hard to maneuver in, plus had very unsquare walls and floors.

I had just finished and was packing up my tools when the homeowner came in to look. He loved it! He was so excited, he wanted to hang the mirror immediately. But it was the hooks were difficult to work with, and after several attempts, he decided it would be better to wait until later. I looked with relief to see that none of the paper under the mirror had been scuffed or damaged.

Until… the homeowner looked down to where his knees had pressed against the wall… Three areas of the wallpaper had been forced sideways across the wall, tearing, bunching up – arrrrgggh!

Luckily, it was easy to fix. I worked the mushed up parts back into place, and then cut out more Lottery rectangles (didn’t even need to match the pattern; any rectangles would do) and simply pasted them on top of the damaged areas. Absolutely invisible.

I am so glad that this happened while I was still at the home, and able to do the repairs while the paper was still wet, and without having to come back at a later time.




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Wallpapered Furniture

May 16, 2012

I’ve put wallpaper on furniture before, but this takes it to new levels!

Art Pratique

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Wallpaper Repairs – Double Up When You Can

May 9, 2012

Wallpaper repairs are usually small, and don’t take a full day. Couple of strips damaged by a water leak. Cat clawed and tore some grasscloth. Kids banged into a corner. Lamp fell over and gouged a hole in the wall.

I like to help people who need repairs to their wallpaper, but it’s tricky finding a day when I can do a small job, and not loose a full day when I could be papering a whole bathroom for another family.

So I often will try to do repairs on a Sunday, when I’m finished visiting clients and giving estimates on new jobs.

Or, like today, if it’s workable for the homeowners, I can try to do two or even three repairs on the same day.

Today I did the shorter, easier repair first. That way I was better able to predict what time I would be finished and on to the next house. I was lucky today, because the second homeowner wasn’t home and had given me a key, so I didn’t have to be there at any exact time. This second job involved three short strips and a bit of floating, and took 3 hours.

So, with drive time, working, loading and unloading the van, and a trip to Southwestern Paint, it ended up being a little short of a full 8 hour day.

I was able to help two families, look at new wallpaper books, hit PetSmart for parakeet seed and cat litter, pick up a few groceries, and still get home before rush hour traffic!





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Wallpaper and the 2012 Heights Home Tour

April 16, 2012

I love home tours, and go on all that I possibly can.

With the explosive interest in wallpaper these days, I was really surprised to see NO wallpaper in ANY of the six homes on the tour this year. 😦

On the plus side, though, one homeowner who uncovered some original paper during their renovation did save scraps and have them framed, and is displaying them as art throughout the home.





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