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Peeling Paper Caused by No Primer Underneath

September 22, 2017

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These wallpaper jobs are failing, mostly due to the fact that the previous installer did not prime the walls before hanging the paper.  With no primer, the walls are porous and will suck paste off the paper, leaving little to hold the paper on the wall.   Bathroom humidity has exacerbated the problem.

The top photo shows a paper-backed solid-vinyl paper, which are usually pre-pasted and lower-priced.  These are particularly bad for humid areas, because the paper backing tends to absorb humidity, expand, and push away from the wall.

The striped paper is a paper, which usually perform well and hold tightly to the wall even under humid conditions.  But with no primer to seal off the thirsty wall underneath, the paper has nothing to grab ahold of and is curling away from the wall.

In fact, when I went to strip the paper, it came off in whole sheets with just a gentle tug.  I had the entire bathroom stripped in, literally, about two minutes.

Before hanging the new paper, I will be sure to prime the walls.  The last photo (bottom row) shows two of the primers I will use.  The Pro 977 works on walls that are clean and have been previously sealed.  The Gardz is a penetrating sealer that is good for porous walls like flat paint, new drywall, or newly skim-floated walls.  It will also work on walls that have a bit of residual wallpaper paste because it seals it and makes it inert.


Spilt Paste

February 20, 2014

Digital ImageI’ve been grumbling that the lids on the Shur-Stik brand of wallpaper paste don’t snap on easily, so I usually have to leave mine sitting loosely on top. Yesterday, an idiot driver stopped suddenly for no reason, causing me to slam on the brakes. Everything in the back tumped over – tools, buckets.

When I opened the door (in my client’s driveway), this sight greeted me. It took about 30 minutes to clean up, thanks to my client letting me use his garden hose, and it ruined about half of a $50 bucket of paste, not to mention the dried paste trashing my carpet and the water and paste residue caught in that large crevice under the floor of the van.

“Wallpaper Paste Snowstorm”

March 6, 2013

I just read this on the on-line MSN news this morning, introducing a term I had never heard before.

“By Matthew DeLuca, Staff Writer, NBC News

Washington, D.C. faces its heaviest snowfall in two years as a sloppy winter storm moves in from the Midwest, shutting down federal offices and threatening to dump between four to six inches of snow on the nation’s capital on Wednesday.

“It will be a wet, heavy, gloppy snow consistent with wallpaper paste,” National Weather Service spokesman Chris Vaccaro said.”

Well, if that comes to pass, it certainly will be heavy and gloppy. It’s hard enough having to schlep 50# buckets of the stuff; I feel sorry for the people having to move many more pounds of it with a shovel.