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Mystery Dots Killed With Kilz

August 1, 2015
Digital Image

Digital Image

This powder room was originally painted a very dark brown. The new homeowner had her painters cover it with a good quality sealer and stain blocker, oil-based KILZ Original. This makes a good wallpaper primer, too. So I didn’t need to do any prep, but could just start hanging wallpaper.

But when I looked at the walls, I noticed some light dots all over one area. It looked to me like possibly something bleeding through – as if oil or mold or something had gotten onto the wall. This is a problem, because these substances can bleed through wallpaper and stain the surface.

Or – the dots could have simply been because the painter had a lump stuck to his roller, and it was leaving this pattern with each rotation of the roller.

But you never know, and I didn’t want to risk having something stain the new wallpaper. Even though I had been told that the room had been painted with KILZ, and I know that that product seals off stains and prevents bleed-through, I wanted to be extra sure. So I got my “emergency” quart of KILZ out of my van and daubed more on, on top of each of those little dots.

In the photo, you see some dots, and some daubs of KILZ.

Patching the Other Guy’s Patch

March 11, 2015

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Digital Image
In this Rice University area powder room, the original towel bars were not going to be replaced. So someone (I suspect the homeowner) removed them, and then attempted to fill in the holes left from the hardware. What people don’t realize, though, is that, even though the holes have been filled in, there are still dents, and also ridges from the gummy material used, that will all show under the new wallpaper.

So I “floated” joint compound (kind of like plaster) over the area, let dry, and then sanded until smooth. The second photo shows after this work has been done – a nice, smooth surface that will be invisible under the new wallpaper.

The walls were originally a lilac color. I primed with a thin white wallpaper primer, which you can see in the second photo. Then I applied my patching compound. The material I use to patch works better with a different primer, which is clear, so that’s why you see a little color difference, and a little of the lilac paint still showing. Don’t worry – none of this showed through the new wallpaper.

When is a 9″ Roller Cover Not a 9″ Roller Cover?

April 3, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageWhen it’s a half inch short!

Man, I was surprised when this roller cover didn’t fit the roller cage. I can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before! You cant just “use it anyway,” because the plastic tip of the cover holder will accumulate paint / primer but won’t hold it, so there is a great potential for paint to get slopped or dripped all over the floor or walls.

These are the 6/$7 disposable roller covers I get from Home Depot. Luckily, I had extras, and the second photo shows the proper size and fit.

I use them for rolling on wallpaper primer, essential for every wallpaper job.

Buy What You Need to Do the Job

January 10, 2013

I was at the Montrose Sherwin Williams the other day, and overheard a woman asking the S-W guy about wallpaper adhesives, tools, and the like. So I went over and gave a little advice.

I also suggested she use a primer. Now, right in front of her on the shelf were two varieties of primers designed specifically for wallpaper – the S-W brand and the Roman’s brand called R-35, and I pointed these out to her. Then I mentioned that I, myself, use KILZ.

Immediately, she said that she would use KILZ, and that she had a can of it at home. I said, “There are several types of KILZ, you really want to be sure you are using the right one … But why not remove all doubt and buy a gallon of primer made specifically for wallpaper, right in front of you on the shelf?”

She insisted that she had bought the most expensive KILZ, and that therefore it must be the right product. Then she hurried out of the store and on to her wallpaper project.


When people have experts right in front of them, and have been given expert advice, why oh why do they not listen??