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In-Home Color Consultations Offered by Sherwin-Williams

August 25, 2012

Most Sherwin-Williams stores have some wallpaper sample books, but only three stores that I know of have a gal on hand to work with shoppers and help them select patterns and coordinate colors.  All are inside the Loop, and have a larger number of books than other stores – one on Durham at Washington, one on Montrose near West Gray, and one on University in the Rice Village.  That last store, I am told, sells more wallpaper than all the other S-W stores in Houston put together.

I was in the Durham store earlier this week, and met Julia Sanders, the “Decorative Product Specialist” in that store.  We chatted about what she does and how she helps clients.  Then she mentioned that she does consultations on Wednesday.  Meaning, she will actually go to the client’s home and help them make color and pattern selections.

This is a wonderful service, all at no extra charge.  (Although it’s expected that you buy your paint and paper from that store.)  To have a trained eye who can look at the rooms in their true lighting, look at the furnishings, determine the homeowners’ taste, gauge the scale of a wallpaper pattern in the setting – all this is a very valuable service offered by Sherwin-Williams.

I don’t know if the other two stores have a consultant who will come to your home, but, if you need help in “pulling it all together,”  it’s worth calling to find out.

Cell Phones, Cameras, and Wallpaper, Pt II

June 8, 2011

Today I learned yet another use for cell phones equipped with cameras.

I visited a client today, and she had some wallpaper sample books at home. But she couldn’t bring home all the books she was interested in.

So she pulled out her cell phone and photographed the book covers and sample pages of patterns she was interested in.

Again, quick, easy, and easy to reference when she is at home and wants to look at the patterns and colors.