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Almost better than the check that came with it!

March 29, 2022

She was out of town when I wallpapered her powder room, and sent the check – and this note – when she got back home.

Artwork Set Off by Wallpapered Wall

February 17, 2022

Pattern Similar to Yesterday’s Post

July 23, 2019

Interestingly enough, in an issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, here is someone else who wallpapered a room with maps, and very similar in color to those used by my client in the post below.

A very good, and very personalized, look!

Grasscloth in a Closet

January 31, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

I hung this grasscloth in the bedroom of a garage apartment in Montrose (Houston) last year, and the homeowner wanted to use the scraps to paper the back wall of the closet. Hmmm …. might be a trend … this is the second closet I have wallpapered recently.

Repair Before & After

December 17, 2012

Digital Image Digital Image I wallpapered this bathroom a few years ago, when the young family first moved into the home. I was called back to fix a spot where the daughter had pulled a towel ring off the wall. Gee – that seems to happen a lot, doesn’t it?!

The father is one of the few homeowners who can do a darned good job of patching the hole in the Sheetrock – I usually end up redoing something, but his patch was perfect. All I had to do was strip some of the old paper and splice in the replacement.

This is a classic pattern that has been in the book for decades; I had another client looking at it recently, in a different color. Dang but I can’t remember the manufacturer, but, if you want to know, I can get the info for you. Dorota at Southwestern Paint will know it immediately.

Needing Some Knee-way

May 14, 2012

Uh-oh. I just got a call to go back to a home where I did the wallpaper in a large master bathroom just a few weeks ago.

It seems I forgot to paper the litte knee-area beneath the vanity. 😦

Actually, this is a spot that’s easy to overlook, and I’ve done it many times. My little trick is to put my keys down on the floor beneath the vanity, so I can’t get in my van and head home until I’ve remembered to paper that little spot.




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