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Thin Blue Plastic Tape Keeps Paste Off The Wall

August 7, 2022
Panel of wallpaper lying on my pasting table. The left edge will go up against a painted wall that is not to be wallpapered. It’s important to keep paste off this wall, because the paste can cause the paint to crackle and flake off. Yes, you can wipe paste off the wall, especially if it’s a gloss paint. But better to not get paste on the wall in the first place.
So I’ve placed a strip of this cool blue plastic tape along the edge. It sticks to the pasted wallpaper, but will not let paste get onto the wall.
Here is the wallpaper in place, with the little 1″ overage wrapping onto the wall to the left. See how the blue tape is preventing paste from getting onto the wall?
Once I finish trimming, I will remove both the excess paper and the blue tape. Be sure to remove any blue tape that is still behind the wallpaper.
This also works for ceilings and for abutting another strip of wallpaper.
This tape is much better than painter’s plastic or ” caution tape ” because it is lightly tinted so you can see it, it’s translucent so you can see through it, it has the perfect body – thicker than painter’s plastic but more flexible than caution tape, and has a unique textured surface that makes it handle nicely, plus you can easily snap it apart so there is no need for scissors or razor blades.
It’s made in Japan and tricky to get. If you’re interested, email me at and I’ll hook you up with the supplier.
The very edgy wallpaper? It’s by Spoonflower and called Serpents and Apples .

Almost better than the check that came with it!

March 29, 2022

She was out of town when I wallpapered her powder room, and sent the check – and this note – when she got back home.

Artwork Set Off by Wallpapered Wall

February 17, 2022

Pattern Similar to Yesterday’s Post

July 23, 2019

Interestingly enough, in an issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, here is someone else who wallpapered a room with maps, and very similar in color to those used by my client in the post below.

A very good, and very personalized, look!

Grasscloth in a Closet

January 31, 2016

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

I hung this grasscloth in the bedroom of a garage apartment in Montrose (Houston) last year, and the homeowner wanted to use the scraps to paper the back wall of the closet. Hmmm …. might be a trend … this is the second closet I have wallpapered recently.

Repair Before & After

December 17, 2012

Digital Image Digital Image I wallpapered this bathroom a few years ago, when the young family first moved into the home. I was called back to fix a spot where the daughter had pulled a towel ring off the wall. Gee – that seems to happen a lot, doesn’t it?!

The father is one of the few homeowners who can do a darned good job of patching the hole in the Sheetrock – I usually end up redoing something, but his patch was perfect. All I had to do was strip some of the old paper and splice in the replacement.

This is a classic pattern that has been in the book for decades; I had another client looking at it recently, in a different color. Dang but I can’t remember the manufacturer, but, if you want to know, I can get the info for you. Dorota at Southwestern Paint will know it immediately.

Needing Some Knee-way

May 14, 2012

Uh-oh. I just got a call to go back to a home where I did the wallpaper in a large master bathroom just a few weeks ago.

It seems I forgot to paper the litte knee-area beneath the vanity. 😦

Actually, this is a spot that’s easy to overlook, and I’ve done it many times. My little trick is to put my keys down on the floor beneath the vanity, so I can’t get in my van and head home until I’ve remembered to paper that little spot.




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