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David Hicks’ Hexagon

November 4, 2013

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageMy client loves this pattern, and originally wanted to use it in her entry way. But they realized it would be too overwhelming on all four walls.

Instead, she had me put it on one wall at the far end of a hallway. Here, it adds a lot of pizzazz, without overpowering the space. Wallpapering just one wall is a lot cheaper, too.

They’ll probably hang a piece of art on the wall eventually, but for now, the wife just wants to enjly the wall of bold pattern.

This design is by David Hicks, for Cole & Son, and is quite popular right now. Pattern # 66/8056

Reaching a Stairway Art Niche

August 1, 2013

Digital ImageThis isn’t as dangerous as it looks… the niche is quite deep, and there’s plenty of room for my ladder. And it’s pretty easy access from the stairway, too, so no real fears of falling.

This is going in the new home of a young family in a new development in west Houston called Aliana. The couple wasn’t even considering wallpapering the niches, but when I saw the empty spaces, I pulled out my samples and showed them how cool they would look.

They chose a silver metallic cork material. Very classy and just a little flashy. Now they are more excited about the niches than the other rooms they’re having papered!

Digital ImageHere’s how it turned out.  The clients loved it.  Now they are looking for something to put in the niche – something 3-dimensional, perhaps architectural, or a sculpture.

The pattern is Thibaut 839-T-7047

Get the Right Color / Lighting

December 23, 2012

One of my clients, who is wallpapering a small powder room, fell in love with what we call the Thibaut Birds – a gorgeous pattern printed on the actual presses they used back in the 1800’s, and which people go nuts over, and which I have hung dozens of times in all colorways. Take a look:

In the store, Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet just west of Kirby, aided by Dorota, my favorite wallpaper salesperson, the client loved one colorway. But she took the book home, so she could see it in the actual lighting of her powder room, just to be sure.

Good thing she did – in the light of the actual room, it was another colorway that looked best, and that’s what she ended up ordering.

Knowing When to Bail

April 20, 2010

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Today I got two calls, both saying the same identical thing: “We need your help! We (or my husband) started wallpapering our bathroom, and got part way through, and realized it wasn’t going the way it should. It was harder than we thought it would be.”

You know, the manufacturers make it sound like a simple DIY project, when, in fact, doing a good wallpaper job takes a lot of know-how and experience.

Just the prep alone is tricky – and one of the most important elements for the job. Both of today’s callers, though, had totally neglected to do any prep at all – No wonder their jobs failed!

And prep is just the start. After that, it’s more than just pasting and applying the paper. There are lots of tricks and knowledge that only come with experience over a period of time – like how much pressure to use when smoothing, how to cut around intricate moldings, which side of the straight edge to place your razor blade, on and on.

I look forward to seeing these two jobs, and hope I can help the homeowners to finish up with a beautiful room.

The Kind of Phone Call I LOVE to Get!!

March 17, 2010

I got a call from a woman yesterday, and I just had to save it on my answering machine.

She said something like, “We want you to come finish wallpapering our entry. My husband and I tried doing it ourselves. After just about all day, we got one strip up, it’s all twisted and shredded at the top, and we looked at it and decided we need to get a professional to come and do it correcty.”

I LOVE clients like that! They have tried it themselves, they know how hard it can be – or at least how much technical knowlege and proper materials are required – and are willing to pay a fair price to have someone make the job look good.

In this case, the wallpaper is grasscloth, and that’s a material that takes special know-how to install correctly. You need special very clear paste, sharp cutting blades, and must take great care not to soil the surface. Oh, and, my big crusade – proper wall prep with an oil-based primer.