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Keepin’ It Clean with Wax Paper

June 21, 2014

Digital ImageThe mottled brown wallpaper I am installing is going on an accent wall in a bedroom in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston. The other three walls are painted a strong gold color.

The back of the wallpaper has paste on it, and I don’t want to get paste smeared on the newly painted wall. Sure, I could wipe it off, but it’s better to not get paste on paint – especially flat paint – if possible, because it can leave a stain, or even cause the paint to crackle.

So I used the Waxed Paper Trick. After the paper was pasted, I took some narrow strips of waxed paper and ran them along the edge of the wallpaper that was to end at the painted wall. I trimmed in the corner as usual, then removed the remnant of wallpaper, along with the waxed paper.

VoilĂ ! The wallpaper fit into the corner perfectly, and no paste got on the wall!