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Classic Pattern for Home With Traditional Décor

December 28, 2017

The home where I worked today (in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston) has very traditional décor, with carved moldings, elegant furniture, warm colors, and classic styling. This traditional oak leaf wreath design by an established (meaning, old) British manufacturer compliments the owner’s taste beautifully.

The material is a pulp paper, an old-school sort of material that has no protective coating and is rather delicate. The manufacturer is Zoffany. The wallpaper was purchased through an interior designer, and I hung it in a powder room.

Faux Mica by Zoffany

February 2, 2014

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageWow – here is an affordable vinyl wallpaper, but it looks like the much more expensive goods made with real mica. This material has texture and iridescence, which puts it into my “sexy” or “Hollywood Glam” category.

Better yet, you could not see a seam, plus, since the pattern was non-directional, I was able to “railroad” it (hang horizontally) in certain areas (the soffit over the vanity), eliminating seams altogether! And, since it had no pattern match, there was very little waste, making it more economical.

This wallpaper is by Zoffany, # ZMOS06004