Worth the Wait

Some people express surprise when they learn there is often a wait of a couple of weeks before the Wallpaper Lady can start new jobs.  It’s been this way almost from the day I first hung my shingle in the Houston area, more than two decades ago.

And there’s a reason why people are willing to wait.

I’ve worked hard to maintain a good reputation in the areas where I work.  Many things play into this:



Taking care while in the client’s home

Fair prices

Investing in quality tools and materials

Taking the time to do the job right – stripping old paper, smoothing walls, priming the walls, and paying attention to all the minute details involved in getting the paper on the wall – matching the pattern, butting seams, careful trimming, smoothing bubbles and wrinkles, turning corners, etc.

What better testimonial than my customers’ own words?

“You’re very meticulous and careful.  The job is just great, and there’s no mess like most workmen leave behind.  We’ll have you back to do another room soon…I don’t mind waiting for you to become available.”            C.H.

“You’re organized and professional.  You have a good aura about you, and I feel good about you being in our home.  As soon as I met you, I knew you would do a good job.  I haven’t even looked at the price yet, but it’s not that important.  I know I don’t want anyone else to do the work.”     V.T.

“The other guy was cheaper, but not as good. He wasn’t a perfectionist like you, and I don’t think he cared as much about what he did.” C.M. Garden Oaks

“While I’d like to get it done right away, we’ll wait for you.  I want you to do the job.  You’re the best.”     Interior Designer Lester Grundy

Things to keep in mind:

I encourage people to get on my work schedule as soon as possible, even before they’ve made their wallpaper selection.

And remember, it’s going to take some time (1-2 weeks, usually) for your wallpaper order to arrive.

Once it does arrive, let me know, as it’s not uncommon for me to have last-minute changes to my schedule, and sometimes I can move clients up and get their room done sooner.

It’s easier to find dates to do a small 1 or 2 day job, rather than a large job that will take several days or more.

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