Consultation Appointments – A Few Important Bits of Information, Please

I do most of my wallpaper bids on Sunday afternoons – come to the house, measure for number of rolls needed, determine prep required and any special tools or materials, and quote a price. I can see as as 10 homes in one Sunday afternoon, travel from Cypress to Clear Lake and all points inbetween, and put over 100 miles and eight hours on the vehicle.

You would be surprised at the number of people who neglect to mention something pretty important – like that they live in a gated community, or a high-rise building, or their unit number. Oh, and the homes with no number on the house or curb! How do these people think I’m going to find them?

If I’m unfamiliar with the neighborhood I usually pull the address up on Google Maps, so I know how to get there and what the house looks like. If I’m lucky, such as yesterday, I’ll be able to see that it’s a gated community. Then I can call the homeowner to get the gate code, or other instructions to get into the complex, and directions to find the house.

But, if I’m unlucky, like yesterday with another home, I may know nadda before heading out. Knowing the neighborhood, I thought I was looking for a townhouse. Could not find any structure with the address I was given. Finally I realized it was the mid-rise condo building on the corner – with a very inconspicuous address over the door. Of course, the entrance was locked and only opened by card access. I called the homeowner, who gave me a code that was supposed to open the side door. It didn’t. There was a call box, so I dialed the homeowner, whom I knew was home because I had just talked to her one minute before. No answer. I kept hoping a resident would go in or out of the building, so I could zip in behind him while the door was open. No luck. All this ate up 20 minutes. I had other appointments, couldn’t get in, couldn’t reach the client, so I headed off.

The thing is, I rarely take jobs in these types of buildings, anyway. Waaaay too difficult to work in them. (Fodder for another post.) If this gal had told me in the first place where she lived, or even just the unit number, which would have tipped me off that it was a mid-rise building, I would have been able to refer her to one of my buddies who likes to work in these buildings, and saved myself time and aggravation, and saved her the disappointment of not being able to get a start on her decorating projects.


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