The Holiday Rush

It’s that time of year, when people are planning their holiday parties, and suddenly realize their guests will be using their powder room or guest room – and maybe that room has had some damage to the walls, or is simply embarassingly out-of-date.  Oh NO!!   

That’s when I’ll invariably get a call, asking if the wallpaper can be changed – NOW.  As in, THIS week.

Well, the answer is:  Sometimes. 

But realize that changing wallpaper usually takes some time, and definately takes preplanning, if the job is to look good.  For one thing, I encourage people to take their time when choosing a paper.  There are LOTS of patterns and colors to choose from, and, as I like to say, what looks good to you today may be something you hate next week.  That’s an expensive love affair gone bad! So take your time and consider many options, before making a final selection. 

Second, virtually all wallpaper will need to be ordered, then processed and shipped.  Especially during the Holiday Season, shipping can be delayed, making it difficult to guarantee the wallpaper will be here in time to install before your party.

Next, most paperhangers are going to be booked with other jobs.  It always amazes me when I get a call, and the prospective client thinks the job can be done the same week – and sometimes even the next day.  Very rarely is this possible.

First, I need to see the job, measure, give a price, then the paper needs to be ordered and shipped.  Even if the client already has the paper, I am usually booked with other jobs, requiring her to wait until I finish those clients’ jobs. 

That’s why it’s important to plan ahead in choosing a paper, and to be sure to get a date on my work calendar well in advance of your holiday party or other event.

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