Wallpaper & the Old San Franscisco Steakhouse

This week I’m working on an entry way, in a ranch-style home built in the ’60’s.

Under the existing wallpaper, I discovered remnants of the original wallpaper. It was the old “flocked” style, which was popular back then. The pattern was almost always a fleur-de-lis design, and was embellished by a raised “felt” or “velvet” flocking – an actual 3-D papper.

Two drawbacks to those papers – they are the Devil to remove, and … they collect dust!

As they say, everything old is new again… I was just contacted by a gal who is going for the “loft look” and is seeking some bold patterns and colors, like a damask in a huge scale. AND she said she would even consider a flocked paper.

She will have an easy time finding one, since the manufacturers are once again putting such textural styles front and center in their offerings.

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