Classic Toile in an Under-the-Stairs Powder Room

A toile patterrn (it’s a French word) is about as classic and traditional as they come. A one-color-ink line drawing on a background – usually white, but can be another soft color – and usually fat 1700’s ladies on swings with adoring suitors nearby, and lambs, foxes, birds in the background. Other themes, too, of course.

Here is one I did in a West University Place powder room that was tucked under the stairs. I usually don’t like wallpaper on the ceiling, but in this instance it worked. The ceiling had odd angles due to the stairs above, and the wallpaper helped those to “vanish.”

The paper came from Dorota at nearby Southwestern Paint, by the way, and the home was remodled by the homeowner, who rehabs houdes for a living. The workmanship was some of the best I’ve seen, so if you’re looking for a remodel job, I will happily pass on his contact info.

Incidentally, I centered the pattern over the pedestal sink, and after that, there is no control over where the pattern falls.  But it just happened that as it worked its way around the room, it centered itself perfectly behind the toilet, too.  That virutally never happens!

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