It’s a Matter of Taste

Digital ImageThe August issue of Southern Living magazine featured their 2014 “Idea House.” I was glad to see wallpaper used in at least one of the rooms. (photo on the right) Here’s how the interior designer made her choice for this powder room: “[The designer] broke from the rest of the home’s muted scheme and papered these walls with an exuberant pattern. “Try to make a small space extra special,” she says.”

Well, I agree with her that you can get away with much bolder ideas, colors, and patterns in a powder room, because you only see it when you are in the room, and since the door is usually closed, you don’t have to worry about coordinating with the rest of the home’s colors and theme.

But I can’t agree that I like this pattern. Not at all.

It’s what I call a “polka-dotty” pattern – big strong image contrasting starkly with a pale background, with lots of space between the motifs. This makes it a very busy pattern. Not good in a small space, IMO.

The pattern is playful, and I don’t think it goes with the grown-up feel of the room. Nor do I think the bright blue and yellow coordinate with the color of the window trim. (I’m not a fan of colored woodwork, anyway.)

The good news is – the wallpapered powder room made it into a national magazine, so more and more people will see what a great idea it is to add wallpaper to their decorating schemes.

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