Wavy Hourglass in a Powder Room

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Generally, I tell clients that, because powder rooms are small and chopped up, they look better I all the walls are papered, to keep from having too many disparate elements going on in the room. But this pattern is way too bold and energetic to work on all four walls – you would feel as if you had had three too many martinis at lunch! So I agreed with the client that papering one wall would add sufficient drama to the small room.

We were right – this pattern looks great! It has a fun sense of movement and height, plus it compliments the contemporary style the home. And you could not get a better color match with the stone countertop!

This wallpaper is by Decorline, and is printed on a thin, pliable non-woven material, and is a paste-the-wall product. It was vey nice to work with.

An interesting note – the manufacturer placed the seam so that it did not cut through any of the pattern. This helps a lot in keeping the pattern aligned and plumb and level, because, for instance, if the ceiling is not level, I can pull the wallpaper pattern up or down a little, to keep it equidistant from the ceiling and disguise any crooked ceiling lines.


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