Finally – A Realistic Fake Grasscloth

Digital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImageDigital ImagePeople love the look of grasscloth these days. But it’s not a good choice in wet areas, like bathrooms or kitchens, because if it gets splashed with water, it will stain. York Wallcovering’s Modern Rustic line has solved that problem, with a heavy, textured, scrubbable, water-resistant vinyl material that looks so much like grasscloth that it would fool just about anybody.

Note in the second photo the texture of the material. And, because it’s printed instead of natural grass, it can be matched from sheet to sheet, eliminating the “paneling” or “shading” effect. (Do a Search for my previous posts on this topic.)

I do wish the seams had looked a little better, though.  (Third photo – click to enlarge.)  This is a thick material, and so the joins show more than with a thin paper. I also noticed a bit of curling at the edges, from the paper backing expanding and stretching. Hopefully this will disappear once the paste is fully dry, and the paper will pull tightly against the wall.

In fact, in the sample book, you can see this curling effect, on the sides of the paper sample (not the top and bottom).  If it curls in the book when it’s dry, you can bet there will still be some curl when it’s pasted and up on the wall.  Still, this looks MUCH better than seams on real grasscloth, which are quite noticeable.

This went in the bathroom of a young family. The original paper was an off-white linen – not at all suited for a tub full of splashing little kids! Besides standing up to bath time, this paper added a whole lot more character and warmth to the bathroom.

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