Ink Stains Wallpaper

Digital ImageSee the faint black lines on three sides of this electrical box? When the electrician marked where the box would be situated on the wall, he used an ink pen. This is a no-no! Most workmen carry pencils, because they know that ink will bleed through paint and wallpaper.

In the photo, the marks are covered by my wallpaper primer. But just to be safe, I went to my van and got some KILZ, a super product, that seals all kinds of stains and stuff (water, ink, blood, rust, mildew, smoke), and daubed some on top of those black ink marks.

A funny anecdote, if you have a minute … I have friends in Phoenix who rented an apartment. They swore that someone must have met a tragic end in the unit directly overhead. Because there was a stain on the ceiling that they insisted had to be blood. And to add to the mystery, the stain kept coming back, in the same size and outline, no matter how many times they painted the ceiling.

Silly people, I thought. Just KILZ it and be done with it. It’s not a blood stain; it’s water, like from a bathtub that someone let overflow. KILZ will seal it once and for all, and you’re back to a nice, unblemished ceiling.

They never did. I think they preferred to live with the mystery and history.

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