A VERY Tedious Kitchen

Digital Image

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Digital ImageI spent a day and a half on prep – stripping the old paper, fixing little spots, and priming. Then a full 18 hours hanging the 14 rolls in this very cut-up kitchen and butler’s pantry near West University Place.

There were tons of nooks and crannies, windows, doors, and oddball spaces. And every time I turned around, there was a piece of decorative molding with complicated edges to trim around. Plus, the paper was thick and cantankerous, hard to cut, hard to fit into place, and really hard to get it to turn an outside corner.

In the end, though, it looks great. The color compliments the woodwork beautifully, and the pattern is sophisticated but subtle, and will be a good backdrop in a room where there is a lot of other activity going on – like a busy family life!

This wallpaper is textured solid vinyl on a non-woven backing, a damask pattern imposed on a faux woven grasscloth material. It is by Thibaut Designs, # 839-T-14117.

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