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Who will you hire to install your wallpaper – a professional paperhanger, or the house painter / handyman?

July 12, 2011

Here lately, I’ve been getting lots of calls from clients for whom I worked years ago – as much as 15-20 years ago.

Here’s what one caller said today, as closely as I remember the conversation:

“Hi Julie. You did several rooms for us back in the early ’90’s – bathrooms, entry, kitchen – and they look great.

But when we wanted to repaper the dining room, you were booked up, and we didn’t want to wait. We had a painter working in the house at the time, and he said he could do the wallpaper, too. So we let him.

And boy, were we sorry we did.”

Although she didn’t specify exactly what she was displeased with, it was clear that there were several issues that added up to a less-than-satisfactory job.

In fact, the reason she called me was to have me come out and repair some loose seams, that had been getting progressivly worse over the years.

How flattering for me to learn, though, that all the paper in all the rooms I had installed were still “just perfect.”

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Not Quite Wallpaper – Shutterfly Wall Decals

July 7, 2011

From Family Circle Magazine:

“Pictures make a house a home, and I can’t get quite enough of them. My latest fun find: wall decals from Shutterfly.

Any high-resolution snapshot can be printed on adhesive-backed fabric that sticks easilyto walls and can be removed and repositoned.

I’m about to pick recent faves of my kids to order decals for their rooms.”

from $60

Click the “Home Decor” tab.


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