Peel & Stick “Removable” – Stay Away!

Please don’t fall for the claims of “easy to install,” “easy to remove,” “temporary,” “no damage to your walls,” etc. Virtually all of that is untrue.

I won’t hang it, and most of my colleagues won’t, either.

In the first photo, note the bubbles and wrinkles, which are virtually impossible to smooth out. Also, look carefully and you will see that this comes in panels (instead of strips), so you have horizontal seams in addition to vertical. And, to match the pattern, the seams are overlapped, so you have a ridge along each length.

A key thing they fail to mention is that this “removable” or “temporary” material is designed to be used for 30-90 days.  After that, the adhesive bond becomes more aggressive, and, when removed, will take the paint – or even the drywall – along with it.  I have seen this happen after only a single day.

The second photo shows the paint that pulled off the wall when the P&S strip was removed. The damaged wall had to be resurfaced and reprimed.

In addition, the manufacturer usually recommends special wall prep – smooth, dust-free, and primed with a semi-gloss paint, which has to ‘cure’ for a length of time… up to three weeks… before the paper can go up.

Please click the links below to see more photos and to read my opinion of this trendy-but-disappointing product.


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