Do Not … Order Paper Until the Space Has Been Measured by a Professional

Calculating how much wallpaper is needed is trickier than it appears. Don’t trust yourself, your uncle the accountant, the designer, the architect, the website, the guy at the wallpaper store, or the on-line calculator.

It’s not about square feet.  Wallpaper is not like paint – you can’t use every square foot of material.  Much is lost due to the waste factor.

There are many, many factors that come into play when measuring wall space. Other things need to be figured in, too, like the pattern repeat, drop or straight match, the width of the particular paper you are using, and the length of the rolls. Is it sold by the yard or by the roll? Single or double rolls? Is it an American, British, Italian, German or other manufacturer?…Not all companies package their goods the same. What is the waste factor for the particular product? How much expansion should be planned for? How do you deal with windows, medicine cabinets, arched openings?

When homeowners tell me, “We already have the paper,” they invariably have bought too little. Trust me, it’s best to let the paperhanger do the measuring and the calculating – before you buy.

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