A Pretty Paper for a Small Powder Room

April 20, 2014

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageThe old wallpaper in this half-bath off the laundry room wasn’t too exciting. This new, updated pattern is lively in color, and cheery in pattern. The homeowner loves the whimsical aspect, with the little critters making an appearance here and there … dragonflies, snails, hermit crabs, lizards, inch worms.

This job was in the Willowbrook area of Houston. The paper was bought through Dorota, at Southwestern Paint near the Rice Village, dortoasouthwestern@hotmail.com (713) 520-6262. The homeowner thanked me for turning her on to Dorota, who helped her zero in on just the patterns she wanted, and at a good price, too. Consultations are by appointment.

Hot Pink Lattice & Dots for a Teen Gal’s Bedroom

April 19, 2014

Digital ImageDigital ImageHere are two coordinating wallpaper patterns used as companion papers in a gal’s bedroom and bathroom.

Lattice in bedroom: The wallpaper pattern is #CM2382 by designer Antonia Vella for York Wallcoverings, one of my favorite manufacturers.

Pink polka dots on silver in adjoining bathroom: #RB4286 from the Sure Strip line by York Wallcoverings. It’s one of their newer non-woven substrates, intended to strip off the wall easily and in one piece, when you’re ready to redecorate.

I did this bedroom and bathroom almost a year ago. Interestingly, I was back this week to do their powder room and the boys’ bathrooms.

Yes, an Inch Matters

April 18, 2014

Digital ImageTwenty seven inches is a standard width for wallpaper. However, this faux grasscloth by Thibaut was 26″ wide. That little bit of scrimping cost me (and the homeowner) a full 9′ strip of paper, because the strips came up 2″ shy of covering the width of the wall. So I had to cut a full 9′ strip, just to use a 2″ wide strip to finish the wall.

Would You Put Wallpaper on This Ceiling?

April 17, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageI don’t often like patterned wallpaper on ceilings. But the interior designer wanted that surface papered, too, and I have to admit, it looks pretty good in this small powder room under the stairs.

The brand is Nina Campbell, a British paper, and the designer is Shirley Webb of Houston.

A Paperhanger’s Good Buddy

April 16, 2014

Digital ImageIbuprofen, for all those aches and pains from repetitive motion, climbing a ladder for hours, hauling 50lb buckets of paste. :)

Yes, There IS a Pattern Match

April 15, 2014

Digital ImageAt first glance, this thin irregular stripe on a mottley background appears to have no pattern match. And, in fact, when I tested it, it did look fine if I had hung it without matching the pattern.

But, like virtually all wallpaper patterns, there IS a pattern match. You see, the swirl on the left edge of the first strip has to match up with the other half of the swirl on the right edge of the next strip. Even though it looked OK without matching the pattern, when I took the time to match it perfectly, it just looked a notch or two better.

Should Have Listened to the Kids

April 13, 2014

Digital ImageDigital Image“I knew it was wrong as soon as I saw it on the wall. I hate it. What was I thinking? The kids told me not to choose that one; I should have listened to them.”

I put that wallpaper border up in a kitchen in northwest Houston a few months ago. Not too long after, the homeowner called and asked me to strip it off and hang a new one. Which I did yesterday. Here’s what she said when she came home and saw the new border, “I love it! It looks so good up there. It’s perfect. The kids were right.”

I’ll leave it to you, Dear Reader, to decide which is which.

Lively Bathroom Update

April 11, 2014

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital ImageMy “before” photos didn’t turn out, but this under-the-stairs powder room was originally papered in a muted all-over pattern. It wasn’t outdated and was in perfect condition. But it didn’t suit the new homeowner’s taste, so she had me change it to this squiggly, shiny wallpaper.

I stripped off the old wallpaper, scrubbed paste residue off the walls, fixed dings and filled in where the toilet paper holder had been removed, then primed, then hung the new paper. She totally loved it!

Note that the paste is still wet, and the paper and seams will be nice and flat once everything dries.

This wallpaper is by Brewster, #141-65502, and was installed in the powder room of a townhome in Montrose. I am going back next month to do two bathrooms, once the other renovations are completed.

Sometimes, Simple is a Good Thing

April 10, 2014

Digital Image

Digital ImageThis homeowner originally wanted an Oriental-themed pattern with women wearing lots of red. When she was unable to find it, she settled on this.

At first, I thought it was a little boring, but the more walls I got papered, the better it looked. Now that it’s finished, it looks great.

The thing about a pattern like this, vs. the original choice is, with the original pattern, the wallpaper would have taken center stage. With this simple irregular stripe, the wallpaper fades to the background, and then the accessories take center stage – mirror, artwork, towels, other decorative items.

This is an inexpensive pre-pasted solid vinyl paper, and was hung in a bathroom in a condo in the Galleria area of Houston.

Cute Wine-Themed Kitchen

April 9, 2014

Digital ImageI hung this cute checked wallpaper with its accompanying wine-themed border in a kitchen in the Galleria area a few years ago. On another wall, she used a pattern that replicated wine labels. The overall effect was really clever.

Now I am back to do the bathroom.


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